We’ve addressed the basics… now what? I’m so glad you asked because that was just the tip of the ice berg! Intermediate Pistol for Women is the follow up class, also taught by Cindy Frost, former police officer and CSI detective in one of America’s most violent cities. All that to say that she understands the importance of recognizing potential threats and becoming more skilled within your unique capabilities.

Cindy Frost is the instructor for this course. Experience gleaned while wearing this uniform.

Selecting ammunition and the hand gun that best fits your EDC (every day carry) needs and requirements.

Additional proficiency skills are added in to your repertoire of abilities to include addressing multiple targets, clearing malfunctions, and one handed shooting techniques. We will take a second look at concealed carry methods and holsters.

This class will reference Women’s Handgun and Self-Defense Fundamentals Level Two with proper application from one who has had to make split second decisions herself. Methods to spot potential threats, situational awareness and proper mindset is the strong focus of this class. These are skillsets Cindy Frost has been developing throughout the course of her lifetime. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and know how with students of Women’s Intermediate Pistol.

Text Cindy your preferred dates to set up this important training: (406) 961-5375

You are your own first responder, Ladies!