97 degrees Fahrenheit.
Shadow System MR920 with Holosun optic.
Working to get off the X, place two shots center mass in under 2 seconds from a level 2 holster.
Another 98 degree day. First shot recorded at 0.87 sec, second shot at 1.09 seconds. Shoot while on the move to increase survivability.
An attack is an ambush.
You must create distance.
Distance = time.
Time allows opportunity to access your toolbelt and work from it.
Speed, safety, and proficiency are requirements.
The stats: how fast and how close the majority of gunfights occur is truly humbling.
You must train to overcome.

It is important to train in every season

because life happens in each.

16 degrees Fahrenheit will simulate with its restricted blood flow a high stress situation.

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