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“A study by Carnegie Mellon University found people tend to overestimate the extent to which they will take action–for themselves or others–when they are faced with a dangerous situation.

Thus, courage is built over time through repetition and experience, more than through imagination.”

–Google on the topic of “courage and how does one attain it?

It was an AI response, but we here at Pistol & Pluck couldn’t agree more.

Courage doesn’t happen because we simply think we’ll become powerful and skilled in that moment when we must defend. Nor do we gain it through birthright.

No, courage is attainable only by the individual.

Strategy, skills, and action overcome fear and foe.

Coming through to the other side of fear … that is an achievement of courage.

At Pistol & Pluck, LLC, we also believe that obtaining the skills to save your own life or the life of another is the ultimate act of caring.

It is a willingness to step up with settled resolve of the mind.

Confidence built upon success…

It’s a matter of doing.

We break down the “doing” into digestible bites.

Safety is our utmost priority.

It is the entire point of the matter, in fact.

Through doing, in both safe and relaxed setting, your skills will be established and multiplied as you advance down the PATH.

Your confidence meter bumps up with each achievement. More complex concepts and challenges await.

When you’re ready for the next step, the PATH is before you. Whether your preference is in-person or through E-learning…

It simply requires that you step out.


We’ve got the methodology and know-how to guide you. Our skills, training and boots on the ground experience –courage and proficiencies tested on the streets in one of America’s most violent cities– make us uniquely qualified to lead you to proficiency.

It is our mission to make the world safer, one person at a time.

Yep, we’ve got pluck.

We’re here to equip you for the moment when it’s required of you.

E-Learning gained quite the momentum during our collective Covid Experience. We took hold of its silver lining with a commitment and determination to meet you during the available windows on your calendar— you set your training session from the comfort of your home. Afterwards, when you’re ready, meet up with us on the range and we will put you through the paces there, too… if you like!

Right?! I mean… You’re making choices that are right for you. We respect that.

Look for more modules coming down the pipeline!

The first module, Introduction to Handguns is available now:

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