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The Legal Use of Force, Important Concept Skills

Exercising your right to carry concealed, whether through a permit or Montana’s Constitutional Carry, necessitates important training for you and your loved ones. The most common errors today involve the premature display of a firearm without legal justification. Avoid this grave error. While knowing how to shoot is crucial, understanding when to shoot—or even when …

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Concealed Carry Training in May is the Perfect Gift for Grads and Moms

Here’s the link to register now! Ensure your seat and read more by following this link: May Concealed Carry Training Bundle | USCCA Training ( This is the complete Concealed Carry and Home Defense Series with room to breathe! Students no matter their training level come away with oodles of knowledge and actionable skillsets. We …

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Range Date with the Focus on Accuracy

Take yourself OR take your sweetie to the range with this fun target. Minimal round count makes this inexpensive fun AND entirely purposeful. It’s always a good idea to practice your skillset. Accuracy is always a good objective. At some point, adding in some speed and stress is also a good idea. But let’s make …

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One Day Training Added in for March!

Already know your way around firearms and looking for a refresher? Or maybe you are the type of person that prefers short and to the point type training… This 4-hour CCW eligible course is for you! Follow the link to register and hold your seat. We look forward to working with you! Register HERE!

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New Concealed Carry Course Series to Begin January 3rd!

Register via this link below: Series to run Wednesday evenings, 6-8 PM, throughout January. Location: The Bitterroot Sporting Club,167 Airport Rd. Hamilton, Montana 59840. Each of these courses may be attended as a stand-alone class OR the entire series plus a range time qualifier can be completed for certification towards a concealed carry permit. …

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1-2-3 to CCW Series with Pistol & Pluck

Sponsored by the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association)

Check out more information below. Then invite your friends and RSVP at the speed of light because seats are getting FILLED! You’ll get in too if you text fast.

(406) 961-5375 with the following:

Your Name and “Save me a seat!”