On June 8th, Cindy and Ron Frost of Pistol & Pluck, LLC taught morning and afternoon sessions to the professional staff of Sapphire Community Health. The combined course was primarily concept-based education. It also included practicums to cultivate awareness first to the individual, extending then to the members of SCH as a whole in effort to improve site and personal security.

An after-action survey submitted by the staff to Director Ryan Wetzel indicated 100% across the board that participants felt the training would be beneficial for other businesses serving the public in a similar capacity. When asked if the course provided actionable strategies that could be used the same day to elevate personal security, which in turn improves workplace security, all participants again agreed that the course succeeded.

Behavioral Health professionals will be happy to learn that Continuing Education credits shall be granted to those who attended per discussion with Montana auditing personnel. This course shall be made available to other individuals seeking to fulfill continuing education requirements as well as other business entities, public and private.

This course is specifically written for professionals working in “gun free” zones with fact driven strategies to overcome.

Please call Cindy Frost at 406.961.5375 to discuss further this important training opportunity.

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