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Surprise Encounter in Montana Back Country Part 3 Conclusion

We are silent as we continue making our way off the mountain. I am considering her perception to the encounter while she is likely considering mine. Understanding that she has not registered the encounter with the same potential I have, I know she is catching up… considering the information I have shared.  Conceptually, we are on different pages. I want, rather I need for us to both understand what may lie ahead of us. Time feels compressed because it is. There will be another encounter with him.

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Unwanted Attention

Stories are powerful motivators. We will be highlighting stories of both consequence and victory; yours and mine.
Allow these stories to motivate you. Obtain the training and skills, the practicum of applied knowledge, so that you will be prepared in the moment when you must stand capable to defend.

Every woman I know has a story to tell.
I am pleased to introduce to you one of my dearest friends, Bree…

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Fear is a Vehicle and the World Needs Fewer Victims

by Cindy Frost Fear is chemical. Biological. Read that again: bio logical. Fear = Life/Body Logic. A physiological response within our body before we rationalize or ponder the situation. It is a prompt occurring ahead of “weighing the evidence”. This emotion with strong physiological signaling can be likened to a revved up vehicle ready to …