Bree’s Story

With firsthand experience I understand the trajectory of a woman victimized; those harms extend beyond the measurement of time and those immediately involved.

The absence of self-defense skills in my youth was a profound detriment to me.  Adding these in has saved me countless times.  These skills have saved my students as well.

Women were designed to share stories. For the betterment of our communities, through first person narratives we grow the hippocampus which is indexed with examples and variations. Those indexes provide options, enlarge our ability to form plans and execute strategies.

Via stories of both consequence and victory we can provide possibilities and solutions to better achieve security.

We alone know what it is like to live within the topography of the body we have. We alone know the depth of our strengths– as well as our vulnerabilities.  Education specific to the needs of women is an obvious necessity. It is best to facilitate a transference of knowledge through guidance, mentorship and iron sharpening iron substantive discussions.

Because stories are powerful motivators, we will be highlighting these stories, yours and mine in a series at

Allow these stories to motivate you. Obtain the training and skills, the practicum of applied knowledge, so that you will be prepared in the moment when you must stand capable to defend.

Every woman I know has a story to tell.  I am pleased to introduce to you one of my dearest friends, Bree…

Bree at shoreline, alpine lake Selway-Bitterroot National Forest.

Bree is a ray of sunshine. She voices a warm hello to everyone she encounters.   She was excited and supportive to see me become a USCCA instructor. She signed up for my first Concealed Carry & Home Defense series of classes.  In the months following that instruction she was grocery shopping, her young children in tow.

As she guided them through the store, a production as it is when shopping with small children, she observed that a man was staring at her and continuously moving throughout the store parallel to her movements.  His hands held a single item, no grocery cart.  He continued to follow her and checked out as she did too.

No longer distracted by the checkout process she became set to leave. She and her boys were pushing their haul out through the doors when she observed that same man… in step behind her!  Alert and concerned by this odd behavior, she told me she literally asked herself, “what would Cindy tell me to do?” 

It came to her that I would want her to go back inside the store.

Get back to a position of safety.

She did.

She honored her own voice of caution (which often presents itself as fear).  She responded to it by guiding her boys, walking back inside the safety of the store.

There she found someone she knew and explained what had happened.  She obtained assistance to walk with her young sons out to her vehicle and she proceeded on with her day.

She was cognizant. She formulated a plan to achieve safety for herself and for her family. 

Her success, your success, my success is gasoline to this passion of mine to be a mentor in this journey of personal defense.

Experience is a wise teacher and it compels me to share whatever I glean. If you have a story to share, I would love to hear it too. 

In your day to day living, where or when do you feel vulnerable? 

I am motivated to help you find solutions, confidence through skill and discernment.  It is an honor to be part of your journey. 

Let’s share our stories and gain strength from one another.

Share your story and it just might help to save another. Email or text 406 961-5375.

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Your feedback helps us to ensure that we are doing right by our students. Your success is our success.

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Curriculum written by experienced CSI Detective, Cindy Frost.

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