These are my ponderings.  Your motivation might be much different from those found on this (incomplete) list!

What is your “why”?

Reason #1…

Montana is the place you call home. It’s where you hang your hat…

hat and handbag on hooks
Just because you can… doesn’t necessarily mean you should. But I have seen with my own eyes how it goes….
I wouldn’t want to show up to a gun fight with a handbag and some lipstick.

Big Sky Country is a Constitutional Carry state. And that does mean that citizens (who may legally possess a firearm) may lawfully carry either openly or concealed. No state permit is required. Well, you might be thinking… isn’t that permission enough for me to holster up and exercise my Second Amendment?

Let’s compare this against driving a car. Operating a vehicle or being in traffic while others also drive (around you) has the potentiality for you (or another) to become injured or even suffer death. If the operator doesn’t receive proper training or abide by the rules that govern safety, it is likely that injury or even death could become a very real probability. Both have an inherent lethality factor; they must be respected. Firearms should command a healthy respect.

If you live here in Montana, you are going about your business of living life all the while surrounded in the likelihood that you will encounter a firearm within your immediate sphere of existence.
This is the reality of living in a “Free State”… Welcome!

I would love to be part of your journey towards safe and proficient firearms training. You will come away knowing what safe carry is and how to better spot situations or dynamics that are true threats to your safety (and SO much more).

Reason #2…

Shooting… or even holding a gun makes you sweat bullets!

grayscale photo of woman s face
They are in fact freedom seeds and education will give you the confidence to omit the sweat.

Personally, I’m happy to hear that the drive for self-preservation lives strong within you!

I can assure you that the training you will receive at Pistol & Pluck, LLC is relaxed but safety is given the highest priority.

Your success is our success and vice versa.
While shooting live courses of fire, students are paired with a certified and insured instructor. Your training, with this kind of attention will best ensure your safe handling of the firearm and the best gains in your shooting proficiency can be realized too. Yeehaw and giddy up!

Reason #3

You are a woman.

action adults backlit dawn
I got your 6 and I hope you’ll check mine.

Me, too, sis! I biologically and otherwise identify with the gender assigned to me at birth. I by no means want to exclude our male counterparts! We welcome everyone who wants to improve their firearms skills and self-defense awareness. That being said, it is important for us to state the facts as they are: women are victimized specifically and at a much higher rate of frequency than males. I know what it is like to feel vulnerable in certain situations because of gender factors. Ladies, you and I share the two X chromosomes that our XY male counterparts do not. Learning from a woman who can approach with understanding our unique strengths and vulnerabilities is extremely helpful. I often think of my experience as a woman as if it has been magnified. Let me explain…

I served as a police officer and crime scene investigator within one of America’s most violent cities. I have seen up close and personally the violence forced upon women simply because the victim was female. I am committed to self defense as a life-long pursuit because of that desire and commitment to serve and protect.
Women are specifically targeted for certain crimes. We must be equipped with knowledge and skill to stand capable to defend.

Reason #4…

“You grew up around guns your whole life.”

man in green jacket and denim jeans standing on sand and aiming gun at beer bottle
“Praying for the cameraman.” HK

If I had a dollar for every time I heard those words…  I would in fact have a lot of money, honey! It is an amazing tradition and gift to be raised around firearms IF you have been trained properly.  I often see though, an over-stated confidence that does not in function match the skillset and safe conduct that should follow that “lifetime of experience”. 

Look, there are a lot of folks who can shoot and even shoot well.  Unfortunately, if foundational knowledge is absent the likelihood that there will be suffering becomes multiplied.  When safety is neglected, bad things follow. 

Ask me how I know and the stories will pour from my recollection and mouth like ugly projectile vomit.  I’m sorry but it really is that bad. 

If you have caught yourself… or someone else has pointed out that your safety around firearms is suffering, I beg you to obtain training from a professional accredited instructor. It is my aim for you to receive proper instruction. Ensure your own safety and those around you should also feel comfortable that they will not be harmed due to negligence or unsafe practices. 

Further, knowing how to shoot an aluminum can or a static target does not translate in a single step to becoming an EDC (every-day carry) person. 

Let’s bridge those gaps together with a thorough road map and way points to ensure it is done right!

Reason #5…

You cannot rattle off what qualifies as a Legal Use of Force. 

Sure, it’s your right to carry concealed in Montana (if you are not a convicted felon, you’re an adult, you’re sober, etc.).  But do you understand the conditions which must be met for a use of force to be seen as legally justified? What is the criterion for the legal use of force in the state jurisdiction of Montana? 

When does that right stop? 

If it took you using Google or some other “cheat” to mutter those stipulations under your breath while counting them out on your fingers… you might oughtta think about taking a class or a refresher. 

iphone smartphone app i os
Understanding the Legal Use of Force shouldn’t come from an on-line search.

The season of storytelling may have passed. The weather got nice (and then wintery again), I got busy with classes, gardening and getting outside!  I hope you are enjoying the arrival of Spring just as much as I am.

Moving closer to that giant ball of fire in the sky feels so great after a long winter, doesn’t it!? 

If you have a story that you’d like to share… I’d still love to hear it btw! 

There are a lot more stories to share… Mostly because of my work as a police officer and crime scene investigator… But they get to be intense and heavy. 

I will still share from time to time, but I’d rather focus on the beauty of life in the present as Spring has begun its slow roll onto the scene 😊

Text me the dates you would like to begin (or resume) your training.  We can accommodate you, your friends, family groups, etc. 

Cindy Frost (406) 961-5375

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