As a gift to our community, we are offering the first segment of the Concealed Carry Home Defense course: Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan. Participation will provide key concepts to further develop situational awareness and strategies to help improve home defense. Course is open to both men and women and it’s FREE! 🎁
While there will be a segment in which a fine USCCA rep will discuss the benefits of USCCA membership, please understand this is a free course offered as a gift to our community. 🎁

👉It is our mission to make our communities safer. 👈

Class: Intro to Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan
Location: Hamilton Assembly of God, 601 W Main Street, Hamilton Montana 59840

Date: December 15, 2022
Time: 6 PM – 8 PM
Hope to see YOU there! 🌠

One of the paths towards concealed carry permit eligibility with Pistol & Pluck, LLC is completion of our Concealed Carry Home Defense Course with Range Live Fire to Demonstrate Proficiency. This is the first of that series of courses inside Concealed Carry Home Defense offered at no cost as our gift to you!

Enormous thank you to Hamilton Assembly of God for hosting us once again! Also, to USCCA Account Executive Chance Edman for coordinating the dates and location. We are able to get out into the community for these events due to the hard work put in by Chance to make it happen. So, enormous thank you to each and everyone involved!

Text if you need further information:
📲(406) 961-5375📲

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